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Just a few of the items Tadu’s Ethiopian Cuisine offers…

Kitfo – Tadu’s specialty! Lean ground beef sauteed with special spices and homemade butter. Served with a side of Ayib (cheese). Cooked to your liking: well done, medium-rare or rare.

Firfir – Small pieces of injera tossed in Tadu’s sauces of spicy berere or mild tumeric with your choice of beef, lamb or vegetables.

Tibs – Your choice of lamb, chicken or beef sauteed with Tadu’s special spices, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos and berbere. Cooked to your liking: juicy or regular.  more >>>

House of Tadu
Ethiopian Kitchen – New Location

1120-30 4th Street
San Francisco, Ca 94158

Looking for a Caterer?

We can help! For catering inquiries, please email us at HouseOfTaduSF@gmail.com or call us at 415.655.9344 or 415.655.9270.

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Read our Reviews